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Customer Testimonials

"My son has had serious emotional and academic learning issues. The school tested him and put him on a 504 plan in the fall which did little to help him. I had additional outside testing done on him and it was clear that he needed more services.I hired Linsey to help me obtain an IEP for him. This is my first child with a learning disability and I had no idea how to get him what he needed. I contacted Linsey and she reviewed all of my son's records, including testing reports, discharge paperwork, emails, report cards, transcripts, etc. and she wrote up a summary report, and met with me about his case. She came with me to the Team Meeting at the school and I felt at ease. She answered my questions, addressed concerns that I didn't know I should have, and gave me confidence in working with his team to get him the services he desperately needed. It was a success! My son got his IEP and I know Linsey was key in making this happen. Her rate was reasonable and it was money well spent."

- Reading, MA

"Linsey's presence and efforts helped us to get the help that our son needs from our school, which we may not have received without her. Schools can be difficult to work with, so Linsey helped to take the unnecessary headaches out of the process. It was nice to have someone on our side that is familiar with the laws and processes. We would definitely recommend her services."
- Stoneham, MA

"Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me. It really does mean so much! Every day I meet amazing women who do amazing things in a world that isn't always all that supportive of them. That you took time from a no doubt busy life to share your expertise with me, a total stranger, is one such example. At this undeniably bittersweet time in my life, you've helped me envision my future a bit better. I thank you for that."
- Haverhill, MA 

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